SONICTRON is actively involved in the development, design, system construction, training, support for Industrial Precision Cleaning Solution. We have rich experience in standard, custom-made for all kinds of Industrial as specialist in Ultrasonic Cleaning tasks.

Sonictron which well known as once of solutions provider inclusive complicated application. In performance, reliability, and return on investment – we are an organization dedicated to build system in-line with your value. Acting as a solutions provider, all your system is being built with services & support.

We have successfully carved ours name in the South East Asian market which including Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Sonictron also charted impressive track records with over 50% of sales coming from Japanese customers in the region.

As part of our extended product portfolio, we represent a few technology partners such as cleaning chemicals, ultrasonic system, light scale table-top cleaner, bench top Powersonic series , ultrasonic cleaning component and etc. 


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